Plus Size 1pk Bobby Tape

Plus Size 1pk Bobby Tape

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Width: 10cm

Multi Color

Cotton, Elastane

How To Use Bobby Tape:

1 Apply to CLEAN and Dry skin. (We recommend to apply tape AFTER hair and makeup and right before getting dressed to avoid sweating)


2 then peel off the removable layer.


3 Begin to apply your breast lift tape from the bottom up, beginning just below your breast. Always use your other hand to keep your breast supported to reduce strain on the tape! Do not press down on the breast too much as this can cause a flattened effect. See wide breast tip below to avoid spillage.


4 Keeping your breast held where you want it to remain, pull the tape up and over the rest of your breast with your spare hand.

Removal Tip:

  • Do Not Remove without OIL or Moisturizer to ensure tearing does not happen to the skin
  • Cover areola and nipple with tissue square or pasty if worried about sensitivity on that area.